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Nature Best PPARS with Green Tea Extract
Premium grade micro-algea supplement. Derived from a proprietary natural algae hailed as the King of Algae and 'The Perfect Cell Food. Rich in natural PPARS agonist and CGF which are necessary for the regulation of cells development and metabolism, PPARS is the ideal source of natural cell nutrition.

PPARS is also fortified wth natural green tea extracts containing catachins which have been extensively researched for its proven benefits as a powerful anti-oxidant and weight management aid.

Suitable for people of all ages from infants to elderly, this readily digestible alkaline premium micro-algae provides the body with needed nutrients to support a healthy immune system.

Algae is the world's richest source of natural nutrition. Also known as 'Superfood'.

PPARS are the most important biomedical molecules in the 21st century. They hold the key to treating chronic metabolic syndromes that includes diabetes, high-blood cholestrol, inflammation, immunology disorders and even cancer.

                                                       Nature Best with Green Tea Extract Box            Nature Best PPARS with Green Tea Extract |

Per 100g Micro-Tablets Contains:
Total Calories  378kcal                                      Vitamin B12  4.02mcg
Protein 63.7g Vitamin E 7.71mg
Fat 8.75g Folic Acid 50mcg
Carbohydrates 16.4g Sodium 49.9mg
Fiber 10.8g Calcium 144.3g
Chlorophyll 2230mg Copper 366mcg
Chlorella Growth Factor (CFG)                         1.91g Iron 46.4mg
B-Carotene 2090mcg Magnesium 238mg
Vitamin B1 0.355mg Potassium 914.5mg
Vitamin B3 8.75mg Zinc 1.17mg
Vitamin B5 2.03mg Green Tea Extract                                               5.0g
Vitamin B6 1.06g Vitamin B2 0.71mg

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