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Pull-Up Pants Adult Diapers

SureCare Protective Underwear Adult Diaper
Tena Pants Plus Adult Diaper

MoliCare Mobile Light Adult Diaper

Lille SupremPants Extra Adult Diaper

MoliCare Mobile Adult Diaper

Abena Abri-Flex Adult Diaper

MoliCare Mobile Super Adult Diaper

 Lille SupremPants Maxi Adult Diaper


There are several brands of pull-up diapers for adults. The more popular brands include Tena, MoliCare and Abena. Different absorbency levels to cater to individual users. The absorbency level for pull-up diapers could be lesser than brief diapers hence more regular changing is needed. 

Pull-up adult diapers are mainly for those mobile independent users are still able to use the toilet. Discreet and comfortable, these pull-up pants diaper encourage users with slight incontinence problem to continue their active lifestyle. With side seams which are easily removed, it is very convenient to use. Most brands come with textile-like backing to increase the comfort level. 

Although pull-up diaper are not adjustable like brief diapers, they do come in different sizes mainly small to large, some even extra large. Fit waist sizes from 23'' to 62''.

Pull-up diapers have odour control properties and strong leakage protection to avoid any accidents which might embarrased the users.

The adult diapers featured above are ranked according to their absorbency level, from lowest to highest. 

Don't let your incontinence problem stop you from your active lifestyle. 




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