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2 types of Incontinence Patients/Users


Type 1:
Mobile and Independent Uses: The mobile and independent users can take care of themselves and most likely will change the pads themselves as well. Most of the users in this category are active and will lead a normal active lives i.e working, playing sports for example.

Pulled up pants or incontinence pads would most likely be more recommended rather than bulky brief adult diaper. Pulled up pants are less bulky and discreet. Pulled up pants can be pulled down in case the users want to urinate or defecate by themselves.

If however, the users are able to control their bowels, they can go for incontinence pads instead. Incontinence pads are smaller and more discreet than pulled up pants. Incontinence pads come with different absorbency levels. Users can choose which one will suit them. It is very easy to bring them around and they all individually packed.

Users must remember to change the pads regularly to prevent odors or leakage. Most of the pulled up pants or incontinence pads come with odor control function.


Type 2: 

Immobile and Dependent Patients/Users: Most of the users in this category use heavy-duty adult diapers. These adult diapers are bulky and thick for higher absorbency levels. It is not necessary to change every hour as these diapers can take huge volume of fluids. However, adult diapers normally come with a wetness indicator, which will prompt users or caretaker to change the adult diaper.

Most of the adult diapers range come in a day or night diaper. Day diapers have lesser absorbency levels as the caregiver may change it frequently. Night diapers have higher absorbency level so the caregiver may rest at night as the diapers may last the entire night or changed less often.    

Adult diapers may have allow multiple refastening so that the fit can be adjusted to fit the users snugly to prevent back or side leakage. 

Most of these users are confined to a wheelchair or the bed, hence leakage may occur if the diaper is not changed on time. Using an underpad helps with the problem. 

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