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Contents of First-Aid Kit

  • Antiseptic Solution: Used to clean wounds and minor burns. Can be in liquid or cream form. Expiry date of items to be conducted regularly and dispose of expired antiseptic solution.

  • Elastic Bandage: Bandages are used to dress up wounds and minor burns. Bandages are also used to bandage sprains ankle or to anchor a fracture or dislocated limbs. Comes in different materials and sizes.

  • Micropore Tape: Used to secure dressings. Comes in different sizes and colors.

  • Safety Pins: One of the ‘Can’t Do Without’ in any First-Aid Kit. Can be used in many instances such as to secure a falling pant.

  • Sterile Cotton Balls: Used to clean wound. Soak cotton balls with the antiseptic solution to clean debris from the wounds. 
  • Paracetamol: For the occasional pain relief. Expiry date of items to be conducted regularly and dispose of expired antiseptic solution.

  • Gloves: Dirty hands will transfer contamination to wound sites. Use gloves to prevent contamination.

  • Scissors: To cut bandages used in dressing.

  • Medicated Oil: Good for nausea and headache.

  • Adhesive Plasters: Also know as Handy-plaster. Comes in different sizes to accommodate different size wounds.

  • Sterile Gauze Swabs: To cover or clean wounds. If there are no more cotton balls, cotton gauze can be used to clean wounds. If the wound is too big for any adhesive plasters, gauze can be used to cover the wound with micropore tape securing it.

  • Calamine Lotion: To sooth insect bites, rashes due to allergy. Useful in soothing the itch and redness due to heat rash or chicken pox.

  • Triangular Bandage: Can be used for lot of things e.g. Bandage wounds, anchoring broken or fracture limbs, covering head wounds and etc.

  • Saline Solution: Saline solution can help to clean wounds if water is not available. Saline solution cannot be kept for more than 24 hours.


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